Event - Devon Destruction - November 27th & 28th Age of Sigmar tournament


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You are invited to attend our largest Age of Sigmar tournament to date. Taking place at QECC Lower School, Crediton (a short journey from Kirton Games) over two days, we are inviting up to 100 players to join us for a fantastic pre-Christmas get together.

System - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Matched Play

Army Size - 2000pts

Missions - Battleplans will be drawn from the Generals Handbook: Pitched Battles 2021 and announced by the TO at the start of each round.

Number of Games - Five

Army selection -

Your army should be selected following the rules as laid out in Pitched Battles 2021.

Please note for the purposes of this event, you may select Grand Strategies at the start of each Tournament Round, both players should reveal these simultaneously. Each grand strategy can only be used once, so you'll need to make your way through five over the games. 

Army lists MUST be submitted by email in a text format to store@kirtongames.com AND the Best Coast Pairings player app by Friday 26th November - the event can be found here: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/eau17ul3?embed=false . Please also ensure you have at least one printed copy of your list on the day, and a second if you have not submitted your list in advance.

Publications in Use - As detailed on Page 46 of Pitched Battles 2021. The exception to this is where the release date of Core Publications, Battletomes, Expansions and Other Publications falls prior to the events Submission Deadline, or in the case of FAQs and Errata, where their release falls upon the weekend of the event.

Your Models - Models MUST be painted for this event. In addition, all models MUST be appropriately based and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).


Day One:

08:30 - 09:30: Registration – tea and coffee will be available on site.

09:30– 12:30 Game 1

12:15– 13:15 Lunch 

13:15– 16:15 Game 2

16:45– 19:45 Game 3

20:00-23:30 – Evening entertainment including mass participation SATURDAY NIGHT’S ALRIGHT FOR FIGHTING FANTASY, board games, well stocked bar including beer on draft and food!

Day Two:

10:00– 13:00 Game 4

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch (please leave armies out for painting and judging by Kirton Games judges and players)

14:00– 17:00 Game 5

17:15 Awards

Players are asked to play in the spirit of friendly competition – please ensure that you make the gaming experience as pleasant as can be, whether you crush or are crushed by your opponent.

Top 3: Trophies and Kirton Games vouchers

Best painted top 3: Trophy and Kirton Games vouchers

Spot prizes in play for exciting moments such as first blood, first win and anything else at the judge’s discretion. The top 3 players will also win a free ticket to play in the 2020 Kirton invitational event!  

Ahead of the event
Players should have a fully painted army.
Your list should be supplied to judges via Best Coast Pairings in the week ahead of the event. Please also bring a copy along for your opponent. Please note all players should install the best coast player app ahead of the event to ensure that we can make things run as smoothly as possible. You should indicate all weapons choices, realm choices and artefact choices on your list. We recommend warscroll builder or the new AoS app when it is released).

5 point for army list submitted on time
20 points for major win
15 for minor win
10 for draw
5 points for leaving your army set up for judging


Parking - there is adequate parking on site. The address is QECC lower school, Barnfield, Crediton EX17 3HX

We will offer snacks and light food on site throughout both days. We will have a fully licensed bar open on both days. Additionally, Tesco is a five minute drive away and town is a short walk.
There are a number of small hotels and b&bs across Crediton. We recommend Union Road Moto Velo. We will order food on the Saturday night and this includes fish and chips or curry options at the players expense (though we will organise).

 General Details -

Covid – We remain conscious of the health & safety of our customers and staff. We will follow any official Guidance and Legislation. We expect all participants to use the provided Hand Sanitiser regularly, and to respect the personal space of others. At this time we STRONGLY recommend but do not require, the continued use of Face Masks, but in particular we reserve the right to update this policy. The hall will be well ventilated so bring a jumper along! In the event of a Covid related postponement, tickets will be valid for a rescheduled event of a similar scale. 

If you have any questions ahead of the event please email store@kirtongames.com


All event tickets are e-tickets so you will not be sent a physical ticket.