MTG Standard Constructed - Tuesday 3rd November 6:30pm


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On Tuesday 3rd November at 6:30pm we will be hosting a Standard tournament in the Gaming Loft.

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance, with a strict limit of six participants. Tickets will not be available in store on the day.

All participants must follow social distancing guidelines including the wearing of a face mask/covering at all times. You will also be expected to use Hand Sanitiser as directed.

Please note we will be operating a no food policy.

Prizes for this event will be as follows;

1st - Two Premium Zendikar Rising Promo Packs + Zendikar Booster Display

2nd-3rd - Two Zendikar Rising Promo Packs

4th-6th - One Zendikar Rising Promo Pack

Prizes may vary with participant Quantity.

We kindly request that casual play between rounds is limited to taking part between players as paired during the rounds to minimise movement. 

We will take feedback via electronic means from all participants after the event so we can work on improving future events under current operating conditions.




All event tickets are e-tickets so you will not be sent a physical ticket.