Event - Rites of War: Horus Heresy Campaign Day July 14th

Event - Rites of War: Horus Heresy Campaign Day July 14th

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You are invited to our first Horus Heresy Campaign day, held in our fully equipped gaming loft at Kirton Games in Crediton.


Players will declare for the Emperor or Horus and will spend the day fighting for control of KIRTON II - a key planet acting as a staging post for the wider invasion of Segmentum Solar and eventually Terra...


Players should bring armies that follow the latest Forgeworld Horus Heresy rulebook. You should bring armies of:

 1000 points (Zone Mortalis force organisation) 

1000, 1500 and 2000 points (any force organisation).


The day will comprise of four games that will be announced on the day and themed by faction decisions. 


Games will range from 1000 points to 4000 (doubles) as required.


Each faction will elect a strategic leader on the day who will assign players to targets. The forces of Horus are the attackers and the Imperial forces are defending.


Valid Armies:

All Space Marine legions 

Blackshields/Shattered Legions

Solar Aux / Imperial Militia 




Please note that Primarchs, Adeptus Custodes / Talons of the Emperor are not present in this Warzone.

Prizes: prizes will be in place for best painted army, best narrative player, favourite opponent.