The Kirton Cup 2020 - Saturday 29th February

The Kirton Cup 2020 - Saturday 29th February

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Blood Bowl coaches! The great Tachyon Wizards have worked their magic and given us an extra day in 2020, so we're going to use it to play some Blood Bowl!

The Format

This tournament will be held over 3 rounds of 2 halves, with each round being 2 hours and 30 minutes in length.

As per the normal Blood Bowl rules each half contains 8 turns.

Coaches have 1,250,000 to hire a team. You may recruit a maximum of 2 Star Players into your team.

All teams must have a minimum of 11 players on their roster (including any Star Players)
Each team starts with a Fan Factor of 5, you cannot buy any additional Fan Factor when recruiting your team. If you win a game you get +1 Fan Factor, if you lose you get -1 Fan Factor (Coaches will be reasonable for keeping track of this)

4 of your players can be given 1 standard skill upgrade and 1 player can be given a double-roll skill upgrade (excluding a Stat increases). As this is a casual and fun tournament you can give 4 of your players the same skill upgrade if you wish (ie they can all take Dodge), we leave it to the coaches to decide what skills they want to pick.

All teams are reset after each match, so there is no post-match sequence (With the exception of the above Fan Factor rule)

We would encourage teams to be fully painted and numbered.

Pre-Match Sequence

The following Pre-Match rules are in play for each game.


The weather is always perfect on Kick-Off (as this tournament is taking place in Sunny Devon after all). DO NOT role for weather during Kick-Off, treat the results as a perfect roll.  Should you roll a change in weather result on the Kick-Off table then follow the rules as normal (ie the weather can change on this result!)


Teams can buy inducements with the following exceptions;

*Special Play cards
*Additional Fan Factor

Special Play Cards:

These will not be used during the tournament.


09:-30 – Player Registration opens

10:00 – Player registration closes
10:15 – 12:45 Round 1
12:45 – 13:15 Lunch
13:15 – 15:45 Round 2
16:00 – 17:30 Round 3
17:45 - Award Giving

What to bring on the day

Your team, dice and tokens, pitch and dugout, templates. Blood Bowl Rule Book, Almanac and any relevant rules for your team. 2 printed copies of your team roster (One of which must be submitted during registration)


We will be awarding prizes in the following categories:

Kirton Cup Champion (Highest placed coach at the end of the tournament)
Stunty Cup (highest place stunty team coach)

Spoon prize (last place)
Best painted team

Most casualties