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Horus Heresy matched play event - Andromache Rises August 10th

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You are invited to our second Horus Heresy matched play day under the new rules held in our fully equipped gaming loft at Kirton Games in Crediton.

In the latter days of the Heresy, the forces of Horus successfully staged an invasion of Andromache, a hive world of strategic importance to the beleaguered Imperial forces who are regrouping in the face of the traitor push to Terra. With some recent success on the field, the Imperial Forces are resurgent in stalling the Warmaster's plans. Will they capitalise on this rare moment of hope? 

The event will take the form of
three games of matched play Horus Heresy at 2500 points under the Age of Darkness rules set. 

Where possible we will split players by loyalist and traitor factions to ensure we follow the narrative! All match play documents and FAQS will be in play.

08:30-09:15: Registration
09:15-09:30: Strategic Conference - players elect a commander and set aims for the day with GM
09:30 -12:00: Game one 
12:00-12:45: Lunch / Armies left out for Painting Awards voting
12:45:15:15: Game two
15:15-15:30: Break
15:30-18:00 Game three
18:15 - 18:30 Results and Outcome and prizes

Awards for best faction, best painted will be awarded!




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