Event - Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus narrative event: The Fall of Andromache 1st June


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You are invited to our second Horus Heresy Campaign day, held in our fully equipped gaming loft at Kirton Games in Crediton.

In the latter days of the Heresy, the forces of Horus have staged an invasion of Andromache, a hive world of strategic importance to the beleaguered Imperial forces who are regrouping in the face of the traitor push to Terra.

The event will take the form of a series of interlinked games taking place over the course of a day, and will be played in both Age of Darkness and Adeptus Titanicus rules. Each event will be linked and run by a GM.

Age of Darkness games will take place at 1000 point Zone Mortalis, 1750 and 2500 levels throughout the day.

Adeptus Titanicus games will take place at 1000 and 1500 point levels throughout the day.

The form of the games will be shaped by narrative decisions and the progress of the campaign. As such the plan for the day will alter. An outline campaign day is as follows:

08:30-09:15: Registration
09:15-09:30: Strategic Conference - players elect a commander and set aims for the day with GM
09:30 -11:30: Game one - Opening Skirmishes
11:30-12:30: Lunch / Armies left out for Painting Awards
12:30:12:45: Strategic Conference: Updated plans with GM
12:45-15:00: Game two - War!
15:00-15:15 Strategic Conference Round
15:15 - 18:15: Game three - Apocalypse!
18:15 - 18:30 Results and Outcome

Games may be doubles, unbalanced, or otherwise out of the ordinary! This is a campaign and balanced tournament gaming is not likely to happen. Players will be issued with event cards as required and these will trigger certain narrative events when played.

Awards for best faction, best painted and spot prizes for narrative and heroic gaming will be awarded!

Valid Armies:

All Space Marine legions 

Blackshields/Shattered Legions

Solar Aux / Imperial Militia 




Death of a Dream: Please note that Primarchs and the Adeptus Custodes are not present in this Warzone and are not permitted at this event.


All event tickets are e-tickets so you will not be sent a physical ticket.