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Event - Horus Heresy ORTHORNS HOPE: The Siege Of Mortium Secundus A cityfight event in the Age of Darkness 17/18 FEBRUARY

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The Siege Of Mortium Secundus is the 5th instalment of Orthorns Hope narrative event series and this time things are being done a little differently!

The Orthorns Hope is a series of narratively focused events (leave your waac attitude at the door) where you should expect things to fit the weekend’s narrative. The missions and terrain will not always be asymmetric, there may be inherent imbalances and random events throughout the day that will keep players immersed in the narrative of the weekend!

The event will be using the standard 2.0 rules with some additional rules tweaks which will change the way the game feels and immerse players in the urban conflict of Mortium Secundus. Special Wargear will be available for amies to purchase to enable them to navigate the difficult nature of the environment.

Rules will not be changed in the pack unless official city fight rules are published more than 2 months prior to the event

A video briefing will introduce you too the weekend and the world of Orthorns Hope whilst pregame video briefings will keep you up to date on the scores of the event and mission specific rules as the weekend unfolds.

So, what makes this event different from previous events? Instead of the conflict focusing on the planetary narrative things are going smaller scale with the narrative focusing on the siege of Mortium Secundus, one of the major cities of Orthorns Hope which holds strategic importance to the victor.

Mortium Secundus will be represented on the tabletop through high quality terrain, (just placing MDF ruins onto a game mat is not enough!) The boards will be modular in nature but of the same high quality expected from previous events!

Players who have earned the “Veterans of Orthorns Hope” award from previous events will be able to use their reward Wargear on their characters.

Orthorns Hope Discord:

NOTE - Kirton Games are acting as Ticket Agents for this event, which is organised by a third party. 



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