EVENT - Kirton Cup VI Road to ExeBowl - Saturday 15th September

EVENT - Kirton Cup VI Road to ExeBowl - Saturday 15th September

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We are pleased to announce the Kirton Cup 6! and this time we've planned the tournament to act as the warm up to the big event which is ExeBowl 2018, which we are hosting in October. As such we will be running a similar format to Exebowl, but with some more fun rules.

This tournament is open to anyone, regardless of your experience and we warmly welcome new coaches 


09:00 - Registration

09:45 - Registration closes

10:00 - 12:15 – Game 1

12:15 – 13:00 - Break for lunch

13:00 - 15:15 – Game 2

15:30 - 17:45 – Game 3

18:00 - Awards and prize giving.


Coaches will have 1,200,000 gold coins to recruit their team. All NAF approved teams from the official NAF Team List are legal for this tournament https://www.thenaf.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/NAF-Team-Lists-v1-5.pdf.

NAF approved Star Players are allowed but they must be represented by a suitable miniature. Coaches can purchase any of the following Inducements.

0-2 Budweiser kegs
0-1 Extra team training
0-2 Bribes
0-1 Halfling Master Chef (Halfling teams only)
0-2 Star Players

Before the tournament, you can assign 4 of your players with an additional skill from their Normal Skills list and 1 of your players with a double roll skill, however this can not include a stat increase! You can only select up to 2 of the same skill (excluding ones that are already a starting stat).

Please make sure that you mark these on your roster before the start of the tournament. These skills will stick with the players for the duration of the tournament, so choose wisely.

We will be using the rules from the Games Workshop Blood Bowl boxset and all relevant Death Zone supplement books. 

Coaches will have 2 hours 15 minutes to finish each game. You can play out the last point. 

Teams are reset after each match so all casualties, injuries and Star Player points are wiped clean and do not carry over.

The weather is always perfect for Blood Bowl in Crediton so you don’t need to roll for weather before each match. If you should role a change of weather result on the Kick Off table, then the ball will simply bounce twice. (we’ve bribed the Met Office to give us perfect Blood Bowl weather!). 


All teams must numbered. Non Games Workshop miniatures are allowed but they must be to the appropriate scale. 


We will not be using any special play cards during this tournament.


Coaches will be able to argue calls as per the rules in Deathzone. You don’t need to have a miniature to represent you (but we would encourage it). 


We will not be using the additional referee rules during this tournament. Before the start of the round, if you opponent agrees you can use the special pitch rules if you have brought an official GW team pitch with you (Which includes the Winter Pitch, Chaos Pitch, Goblin Pitch, Dwarf Pitch, Elven Union Pitch, Dark Elf pitch etc). If both of you have a special pitch, and both agree to using their additional rules roll off to see who's pitch you will be playing on. 


Illegal procedures and timed turns will not be enforced as we want this to be a fun and friendly tournament however the TO will keep a stock of 3 minute egg timers that players can request should they feel that their opponent is deliberately time wasting in order to gain a tactical advantage. 


This will be a Swiss Draw tournament and we will be using SCORE to record match results. Matches are recorded on a win/lose/draw scoring system.

Coaches must record touchdowns and causalities (as these will count) only casualties that would generate Star player points must be recorded.


The Kirton Cup– Highest ranked coach
The Spoon –2nd to lowest ranked coach
Grand Slam – Most casualties caused during the tournament
Go for It! - Most number of touchdowns scored during the tournament
Best spirited coach


Triple Skull (First triple skull roll on your block dice of the tournament)
First touchdown of the tournament 
First player death of the tournament 


Please bring your team, 2 printed copies of your roster (one to hand in upon registration, the other is for you) all relevant Dice (Block, D8, 2xD6 etc), Pitch, Dug Outs, tokens, range ruler, throw in template & scatter template, rules.

Coaches can use any suitable miniatures to represent their teams and conversions/none GW miniatures are welcome (As long as they are to appropriate scale!)


Registration will close at 09:45. No team will be allowed to enter after this cut off point. (Baring any exceptional circumstances) 


We will be live streaming matches on the top table on our Twitch channel during this tournament. If you do not wish to appear on the stream please let the TO know. 

We may also be taking photographs of the event for our social media sites. Should you wish to not be photographed during the event please let the TO know upon registration. 


There are lots of places in Crediton to get food from including plenty of Fish and Chip Shops, supermarkets etc. Most are a few minutes’ walk from the store. We will also have cans of drink and snacks available to purchase in store. 


There is £3 all day parking at St Saviours Way car park which is a 3 minute walk to the shop.


The TO will have final say on any rule disputes or rulings. Disrespecting the TO, Staff or other players during the event will result in your disqualification from the tournament.