Event - Star Wars X-Wing Team Championship & Kirton Ashes - 18th May 2019


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South West X-Wing Team Event & Kirton Ashes
Kirton Games will be hosting their second South West X-Wing Team Championship on the 18th May 2019.
200 point extended, 75 minute rounds, 10 teams, £30 for a team ticket.
Each team is made up of three pilots including a nominated team captain. Each round your team will be matched against a rival team. There is no requirement for team members to fly different factions and you can have a team of all Rebel Alliance lists for example.
Kirton Ashes - Alongside the team event is the inaugural Kirton Ashes which is an open field grudge match between Darkstar Marauders (Plymouth) and Vagabond Squadron (Bristol). All teams participating are required (strongly encouraged) to contribute to the sacrifices - a piece of x-wing 1.0 (card, template etc) that they truly detested, felt was broken or would just rather forget the plan will be ceremoniously burn these on the day and the ashes collected will form the Kirton Ashes. The Ashes score will be calculated using the average MOV of all the Darkstar and Vagabond teams - excluding any round where a where a blue on blue is drawn to avoid collusion.
FFG X-Wing Tournament Rules:
Saturday Timetable
Start Time End time
Registration 08:30 - 9.45
Game 1 10:00 11:15
Game 2 11:30 12:45
Burning the sacrifices - 13:00
Lunch 12:45 13:30
Game 3 13:30 14.45
Game 4 15:00 16:15
Game 5 16:40 17:55
Awards: 18:00
Once a team is paired for a round. First determine which team has initiative using the normal method. The Team with initiative gets to choose whether they are Team A, or Team B in the process
Step 1 – Team A nominates a player on their team and picks a player on Team B to play against
Step 2 – Team B nominates one of their remaining 2 players and picks 1 of the remaining 2 players on Team A to play against
Step 3 – The last player on each Team will play against each other.
Prizes (TBC):
Trophies will be awarded for the top team and official prize support will be provided in the form of the FFG Official Organised play pack, with extra prize support provided by Kirton Games.
Parking - there is £2 all day parking at St Saviours Way car park which is a 3 minute walk to the shop.
There are plenty of food options in Crediton.
Other Information
Please note we are unable to offer refunds within 7 days of the event.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask at store@kirtongames.com
All event tickets are e-tickets so you will not be sent a physical ticket.