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The Soul Drinkers Omnibus: Volume 2 (Paperback)

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Cast out by their former masters and marked by the power of Chaos, the renegade Soul Drinkers continue their campaign to free humanity from tyranny. Even as they continue to fight necrons and orks under the leadership of Chapter Master Sarpedon, the chapter is riven by a growing divide between those who wish to prove their loyalty to humankind, and those who wish to embrace Chaos completely.

No such nuance exists in the eyes of Terra, however, and the Imperium is closing in on them. As successors of the Imperial Fists, perhaps none are more keen than the sons of Dorn to see the Soul Drinkers brought to justice €œ and the mighty Phalanx is mobilised to put the renegades on trial.


€œ Chapter War
€œ Hellforged
€œ Phalanx
€œ Daenyathos €œ a novella

Written by Ben Counter


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