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Bad Loon Rising (Paperback)

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Despite being gifted with superior cunning, Zograt was born a puny git with a hammy leg. As the weakest runt of his tribe, he was always one beating away from a nasty end until the Bad Moon bestowed a blessing upon him.

Now, Zogrot wields the Clammy Hand, and back-stabbing gitz scurry to his cause, afraid of the vengeance their new boss will inflict with his powerful magic. But for every grot suffocated with noxious fungi, Zograt stages a magnanimous gesture, for he is all too wary that power is fragile. Yet in his heart boils an obsession – to become the most formidable Loonboss ever.

Where better to proclaim his new-found majesty than the gloom-shrouded mountain of Muttering Peak? To lay claim to his throne, Zograt must evade a sinister coven of wizards that seek to harness the power of the mountain for their own dark designs. But with his razor-sharp mind and a loyal troggoth at his side, Zograt’s ambitions may not be so daft, after all.

Written by Andy Clark.


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