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Necromunda: Escher Weapons & Upgrades

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This 78-piece plastic kit includes:

€œ 2x Flamer
€œ 2x Meltagun
€œ 2x Plasma Gun
€œ 2x Shotgun
€œ 2x Needle Pistol
€œ 2x Heavy Stubber
€œ 2x Needle Rifle
€œ 2x Autopistol
€œ 2x Hand Flamer
€œ 2x Power Sword
€œ 2x Chainsword
€œ 2x Stub Gun
€œ 10x Alternative Hair
€œ 10x Alternative Heads
€œ 4x Grenade Bandolier
€œ 2x Hip Knife
€œ 2x Pointing Hand Arm
€œ 2x Punching Fist Arm

These parts are compatible with the Escher Gang kit and the Escher Death-maidens and Wyld Runners kit.


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