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LAST ONE - The Measure of Iron (Paperback)

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Deep within the bowels of Chamon€„¢s Ferrium Mountains, the Iron Golems make war. Harnessing the very essence of a sun dragon for their forges, their soldiers are armed with weapons unparalleled by any of Sigmar€„¢s lackeys. None can stand before their might. But, Dominar Syzek Govius knows he is destined for more than just petty battles. Leading his warband to the hell-realm known as the Eightpoints, the Dominar seeks to create a weapon worthy of Archaon himself and thus gain entrance to the halls of the Varanspire. Yet, in the shadows lurks a vile enemy, plotting to murder Syzek and steal his labours. Will the Dominar triumph, or will his hated foe offer his corpse to the god of thieves and assassins?

Written by Jamie Crisalli


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