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Untamed Realms (Paperback)

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From the verdant rainforests of Ghyran to the endless plains of Ghur, the Mortal Realms are home to beasts and empires beyond counting. As everyday folk strive to find a way simply to survive, the forces of Order fight for every inch of territory, relentlessly harried by the armies of Chaos, Death, and Destruction.

Humans, aelves and duardin use any means necessary to cleanse the lands of the Dark Gods' taint, while also holding back hordes of savage orruks, and banishing the restless souls that march in the name of Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead. The battle for ascendance in the Mortal Realms never ends.

This anthology contains:

The Order of Azyr
– The Interrogator, by Richard Strachan
– The Orphan of Pale Harbour, by Richard Strachan
– Shadowglass Creek, by Richard Strachan

Lords of the Aelves
– The House of Moons, by Jeremy Lambert
– The Low Road, by Evan Dicken
– Soul Warden, by Miles A Drake
– Cauldron of Blood, by Chris Thursten
– The Hunter's Quarry, by Colin B Harvey

Despoilers of the Realms
– Crown of Flames, by Noah Van Nguyen
– Anger and Ash, by Gary Kloster
– The Waste, the Worm and the Witch, by Gary Kloster
 Boss of Bosses, by Luke Scull

Old Whitebeard
– The Ancestor's Hall, by David Guymer


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